TailorShed.com is an online hub that connects verified pro-level fashion designers & tailors to fashion consumers.
How it works

Selling on TailorShed is just as easy if creativity, perfection, accuracy and promptness takes the lead over everything on your cutting table. To start providing services as a clothier, proceed with joining our platform as a customer. Once logged in, select ‘switch to business’ or ‘sell your design’. Register as a business and we will contact you in a few hours.

Upload a design you created and wait till your listing is approved by our specialist. Once your listing passes all quality requirements, your style becomes visible for sale on the style catalogue.

 Requests from customers come with a size profile attached or an alpha size. Once a request is paid for,  the target clothier  proceeds to fulfillment. 


TailorShed has seen a remarkable increase in the number of fashion designers in Nigeria jumping online in order to give their brand the needed push to engage and attract more customers. We understand that your brand is ripe for an online presence and also needs a good amount of trust to convert, especially, customers beyond your present location. Our partnership with you would include a multi-pronged digital marketing strategy which includes provision of an online shed/store, email marketing, social media marketing, research and analytics program to ensure your brand succeeds.


TailorShed intends to work with a few exclusively selected fashion designers for a period of 6 months charge free before opening its doors to a larger number of fashion designers.  Analysis and research will be followed with a content strategy focused on building high-conversion traffic. TailorShed expects fashion designers listed on its website to regularly update their listings with bespoke trendy styles.

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