How to start selling on TailorShed


Selling on TailorShed is just as easy as long as creativity, perfection, accuracy and promptness takes the lead over everything on your cutting table. If you are either looking to start connecting with potential customers & prospects online or looking for a platform to showcase your fashion styles and designs as a tailor or a fashion designer then TailorShed  is definitely an option you must consider. To start listing your clothing & designs on TailorShed is relatively easy and free. Here is how to start.

Register on TailorShed

To register on TailorShed as a business simply visit the home page and click the JOIN button. If you already are signed up as a customer then you might skip this step.


Once you have registered on TailorShed, sign into your account and click on your your account name at the top right of your screen.  A dropdown menu would become visible. Select switch-to-business and proceed with filling your registration form.


Getting verified on TailorShed is a piece of cake. As long as your For-Business registration was successful, a specialist will contact you typically within a day. If you pass this verification then you are good to go!

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